Martino Piazza, not Altobello Melone


Piazza col

Last month I had about 50 views from U.S.A.
Maybe it could be interesting to talk about a painting owned by an american museum.

For example, this beautiful Vision of the Virgin in the San Diego Museum of Art.
The Museum (here) present it as a work by Altobello Melone, a name that never appears in the bibliography about the painting.
They probably trust a written opinion by Federico Zeri. It must be said that Zeri in his Census (1972) gives the panel to Andrea Previtali, following Suida.
But the painting is surely by Martino Piazza, as confirmed by Gianni Carlo Sciolla and Mauro Natale in the exhibition catalogue I Piazza da Lodi (1989).
Some years later Franco Moro, in an article that comes from is degree dissertation, doesn’t even need to discuss the attribution, unanimously accepted (here: the Vision at p. 22).

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